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3 Reasons to work with NightHawk Remodeling

Decades of Dedication

With three decades under our belt, expertise at NightHawk Remodeling is more than just a claim—it’s a legacy. Our years of dedicated service and relentless pursuit of mastery ensure every project stands as a testament to our craftsmanship. Partner with us, and benefit from the best three decades can offer in Virginia.

Innovation in Every Nail

it’s our ethos. Every hammer strike, every blueprint, and every design choice is infused with creativity. We believe that even the smallest details deserve the most innovative solutions. Our commitment to pioneering techniques ensures that your remodeling project isn’t just about updating a space, but about redefining it for the future.          

We work with your budget

Your dream space shouldn’t break the bank. We respect your budget, ensuring every dollar is put to its best use. Our reputation is built on trustworthiness, ensuring you’re in safe hands from start to finish. With NightHawk, you get more than just a remodel—you gain a secure, transparent, and budget-friendly transformation. Let’s make your vision a reality, together!” 🏠💼🔒

The McGee Family

NightHawk Remodeling

Our Family Story, Your Dream Home


Hey there! Ever heard the saying, “Every home has a story?” Well, so does every remodeling company, and ours is a tale we’re pretty proud of. Let me take you on a quick trip down memory lane.

You see, like many of you, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. But, you know what? We wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. They’ve shaped us, taught us, and most importantly, they’ve shown us what we’re made of. And guess what? We’ve come out stronger, wiser, and with a toolbelt full of skills that get real results.

Now, let’s talk about Richmond, Virginia. This place isn’t just where we operate; it’s home. NightHawk Remodeling is a family affair, deeply rooted in the McGee family traditions. Generations of our family have been pouring love and superior craftsmanship into every project. And when we say “superior craftsmanship,” we mean some of the finest handcrafted woodwork you’ll ever lay eyes on.

From cozy homes to bustling commercial spaces, from the heart of Richmond to the stretches of Central Virginia, we’ve been there, adding our touch. Whether it’s a luxury residence, a specialty floor, or even a chic retail store, we’ve got the magic touch to transform it.

But here’s the thing: at the end of the day, it’s not just about wood and nails for us. It’s about trust, friendship, and building lasting relationships. When you choose NightHawk, you’re not just getting top-notch remodeling; you’re joining our family. And in this family, we take care of our own.

So, ready to start a new chapter with us? We’re just a call away. Let’s make your dream space a reality, together. 🏠🔨❤️

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